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 Ah..So~ Daku di tag oleh Yus berkaitan dengan soalan2 Kpop. So.. here we go.

Sexy enough? I hate that killer smile.

Rule 1 : Post the rules.
Rule 2 : Answer the question the tagger asked you,
then make 11 new one.
Rule 3 : Tag 11 people and link them to your post.
Rule 4 : Let them know you've tagged them.
So ni soalan yang diberikan ..

1. Who are your biases? List them. *Not more than 5
    Dato M Daud Kilau Hahaha kidding. Its Lee Jinki and Kim Jonghyun

2. Which kpop group are they from?

    Dibidibidibidi~ We are Shining SHINee ~

3. Have your biases been into a movie or a drama? If yes, what is the title?

  Yes. Royal Villa and there's more but i dont remember because he just a cameo
   But No for Jonghyun because he dont do much kekeke

4. Which fandom (fangroup) are you?

   SHINee World. (Shawols)

5. Give me a funny pictures of your bias. *one picture of each biases.

 Okay...thats normal.

Embedded image permalink 

He's cute. I guess..

6. What are your biases weird habits?

    Jinki - Ttakbam. Awkward Jokes. Tripped. Getting injure. Singing trot. Eat.
   Jonghyun - Big Mouth. Talk nonstop.Look sexy.Sing high note without a problem.Short

7. What are their nickname?

   Jinki - Tokki (Bunny) , Old man.
   Jonghyun -  Puppy . Shorty Dino
   Both - Dumb and dumber

8. What is your all-time favourite kpop song?

  I dont know. All SHINee songs maybe?

9. Picture of your biases that you like the most. *one picture of each bias.
 Embedded image permalink
Onew's Fans will understand why ..

Embedded image permalink
Ahahahahaha x) Pervert

10. Will you still like your biases 10 years later

  If my husband allowed it . Yes

11. If your biases read this post, what message do you want to give to them?
     *make it simple but meaningful. 
Look at the gif
Enough with Gayness.

Now for my question. i make it simple

1. Who is your biases? 
2. Post your biases most handsome picture or gif
3. What is your biases favourite thing to do?
4. Have you ever dream about your bias? Tell me
5.  Which song do you like the most?
6. Post some weird gif of your biases
7. What is your fandom name?
8. What is nickname for your biases?
9. Why did you love your biases?
10. Who do you ship for your biases?
11. Your confession to your biases if they read this.
My english is horrible. But yeah. I hope you guys understand it. 


Im really sorry. i dont really know or remember others kpop fans blog.
So i make this just for fun. Whoever want to play this Kpop Tag you can take
my question ^^. Im always having a hard time to remember certain
blog . So yehet. Eh.

Lastly .. Im Innocent.


Jangan lupa tinggal link blog di komen atau shoutbox :)

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Liza Licha berkata...

alaa.. licha tak kenal pun semua artis korea ni.. hehe. hm.. tapi semua pon cantik dan hensem kan

eyqa yushaiza berkata...

hehehe.. thanks sebab jawab soalan yus :) huhu.. onew.. *melting :DD

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